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For experts with a clear idea of the book they are writing or are ready to publish their manuscript


This package provides priceless support and guidance to authors who feel they have what it takes to write their book start to finish. Wherever you are in the process, we can help!

Book Positioning Session

  • In this initial call, your publishing coach will help you make sure you have chosen the right target audience and writing to the language they relate to

  • You will know how to organize your book outline

  • You will get guidance to ensure you don’t write the wrong book and have to do a major rewrite or something even more costly

  • If your manuscript is already written this will be used to outline your marketing and publicity strategy

Professional Formatting

  • Includes standard formatting consistent with most softcover, print books found in bookstores

  • Includes up to 5 greyscale pictures

  • Ensures consistency of:

    • Fonts for chapter titles, headings, subheadings and normal text​

    • Paragraph, page and chapter layout 

    • Table of contents and page numbering

    • Basic numbering, bullets and special symbols

  • Custom symbols or layout available at extra cost​


  • Based on best fit, your book will be published under one of our labels

    • Expert Author Press

    • Celebrity Expert Author

    • Expert Author Publishing 

    • Profits Publishing

  • Sold on Amazon

    • In print on demand format so you don’t have to hold expensive inventory

  • Distribution to 41,000+ Online and Offline Bookstores Worldwide

    • In print on demand format so you don’t have to hold expensive inventory​

Title, Subtitle and Back Cover Copy Creation Session

  • Your publishing coach will help you choose a title and subtitle that is compelling to your ideal client

  • You will create attention-grabbing copy that makes your target audience feel like they must read your book

  • You will have the product description for your book online and in bookstores

Professional Cover Design

  • Standard cover design consistent with the most top-selling books in bookstores and on Amazon

  • Includes "text only" and "author photo" designs

  • Stock images can be used in design (but not recommended)

  • Professionally designed to be visible as a thumbnail on computer and smartphone on 

Print Copies 

  • Based on the standard print on demand specifications

  • Hardcover books available at additional cost

  • Book costs vary according to the number of pages and quality of materials chosen

  • Wholesale Cost and Quantity Discount on Book Orders (for the author only)

For even more detail about how our DIY package can guide you to success, chat with our Publishing Consultants at 1.604.941.3041 or fill out the form to schedule a call.

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