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30 Signs that it's Time to Write Your Book

If you’ve wanted to write a book for a while but keep putting it off, you’re not alone. Depending on the source, 80-90% of people talk about writing a book someday. Few ever do.


If you’re an expert, professional or business owner, writing a book can do a lot for your career and your business success. The whole process does not need to be that hard. A little planning, structure, and discipline can go a long way to getting your book done.

Below are 30 signs that it may be time to buckle down and get that book done.

  1. You’ve always wanted to write a book

  2. You are always helping people solve a particular problem

  3. You are really good at doing something that helps people

  4. Your business makes good money helping people with a specific problem

  5. You are a thought leader in a specific niche

  6. Other people in the industry look to you for advice

  7. You want to take a leadership role in a particular area

  8. You want to dominate a marketplace

  9. You want to stand out from your competition

  10. You are looking for a way to build credibility quickly

  11. You know you’re different from the competition but people think you’re the same

  12. You want to show how your solution is novel or better than what is out there

  13. You want to showcase your expertise

  14. You want to be seen as the leading expert in a field

  15. You have a complex solution and you want people to understand it

  16. You want to get more clients for your business

  17. You have a process that you want other people to know about

  18. It’s time for you to start training other people and certifying them in your process

  19. You want to teach others about the principles you use to create success

  20. You want to gain more clarity on communicating what you do

  21. You are being asked to speak about a particular topic

  22. You want to book more speaking engagements

  23. You want to broaden your reach

  24. You want to help more people

  25. You are branching into a new service or field

  26. You want to attract the best quality clients into your business

  27. People tell you that you have a great story

  28. You enjoy writing

  29. You like to tell stories

  30. People are entertained by the stories you tell\

Writing a book demands focus and clarity. The process of organizing your thoughts and specialized knowledge to create your writing plan provides invaluable insights into your business. If it’s time for you to start your book, check out our website to find out how we can help you write and publish it. There’s still time to make this the year you become a published author!


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