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10 Reasons to Write and Publish Your Book in 2020

If you’re an expert, professional or business owner who has been wanting to write a book, here are 10 reasons to make 2020 the year you do it. You may have heard that a book is the new calling card. Read on to find out what the right book can do for you and your business and why becoming a published author could be in your reach this year.

1. You’ll take care of a bucket list item

How long have you been wanting to write your book? For me, it was over a decade.

Every New Year, becoming an author was on my list of goals but year after year it remained unrealized. When I finally wrote and published a book, not only did I feel proud and accomplished, but my confidence and self-esteem increased. It was a leap forward in my personal growth.

2. You’ll spend more time being inspired

Writing makes you work an idea to a higher level and makes your mind connect to a higher level of awareness. New ideas are great for business, especially when they are well thought out. This will impact all your thinking throughout the day resulting in more inspired thoughts.

3. You’ll gain clarity

Articulating your thoughts in writing forces you to express your meaning more clearly. The process of writing a book requires that you organize your thoughts and ideas. You must describe them clearly and succinctly. The result is that you become much more clear about what you do, how you do it and the outcomes you get. This clarity is very beneficial to your business.

4. You’ll see your true value

The process of writing an expert book makes you describe the outcomes that clients will get from your service. Using examples and stories of client successes to show the transformation that your business provides will show you the magnitude of results you get. Most people take what they know for granted and undervalue themselves. Writing a book forces you to state your value.

5. You will attract more customers

Inspiration, clarity and the ability to articulate the outcomes of what you do makes you more attractive and persuasive. The process of writing a book not only attracts more clients but it closes more deals.

6. You’ll open doors

Being an author gives you authority and credibility. You will gain access to people, media, and speaking engagements because you have a book. By sending your book to key people, you will be able to create opportunities that grow your reputation and business.

7. You’ll reap the rewards

Authority, credibility, inspiration and persuasiveness are all key factors to business success. Becoming an author helps you build these attributes within yourself. You will grow personally and professionally and your business will reflect this. Ultimately you want a book to make money and the place to make the real money is in your business.

8. It’s easier to find the time than you think

Ever notice how you always manage to find time for things you really like or that you want to do? When you get clear on the book you want to write and why it becomes that thing you always have time for. Starting with the right outcome for your book and a well-designed outline can shorten your writing process by up to 75%. Small chunks of writing time during the week can easily turn into a complete chapter.

9. You probably already have all the content

If you have been in business for a while, chances are you take for granted how much you know. While some research and support for your statements are probably necessary, you can likely write most of the content from your current knowledge. It’s really more of an exercise of leaving things out, explaining through story and example and naming and claiming your own processes.

10. On to bigger and better!

There is nothing better than taking action and creating version 1.0. Your first book does not need to be perfect. Just becoming a published author elevates you above the majority. You can always revise it or write another book. Once you know how, it becomes much easier.

To get a copy of the templates that we use to help our clients write their books go to to download a free copy.

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