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The Treatment Coordinator (TC) Role

  • What is a Treatment Coordinator

  • The TC is in Sales

  • The Right Person for the TC Role

  • The Predictive Index

  • Pre-qualified and Pre-framed Leads

  • Rewards and Bonuses

  • Customer Service


Mindset for Growing a Practice

  • Mindset Shift #1: The TC is a Specialized Role
  • Mindset Shift #2: The Patient is Pre-Sold
  • Mindset Shift #3: Gain Certainty from the Truth, the Facts, and the Reality
  • Mindset Shift #4: I Am a Guard-Disarming Agent
  • Mindset Shift #5: Capacity for Consultations
  • Mindset Shift #6: Incentives for TCs


The 30-Minute Consultation

  • 8-Minute Records
  • 2-Minute Doctor Consultation
  • 5-Minute Fee Presentation
  • Virtual Consultations


Fee and Pricing Strategies

  • Avoid Saying the “Big Number” Out Loud

  • One Pricing Option

  • Coverage, Discounts, and Promotions

  • The Fee Presentation


The Same-Day Start

  • Same Day Start for Invisalign?
  • What If Patients Don’t Want a Same-Day Start?


Tracking and Following Up with Pending Patients

  • Don’t Give Up on Them
  • The Best Way to Follow Up
  • Working from a Spreadsheet
  • Reactivation Campaigns


Tying It All Together

  • Sample new patient
  • The role of the Scheduling Coordinator
  • When the patient arrives in the office
  • Short Meeting with the Dr.
  • Doctorless consult
  • Four Commitments
  • Fee Presentation
  • The Treatment Coordinator Checklist


Your Future Plans for Growth

  • What Growth Looks Like Numerically
  • The Boutique Practice
  • Transitioning from Boutique to Business


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