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Here’s a fun question for you!

What do you think these three respected names might have in common? 👇


🏆 The Philip K. Dick Memorial Award

🌟 Oprah Magazine

🔴 TEDx


I’ll give you a hint…


They each involve award-winning authors at the top of their game who help authors navigate the world of writing and publishing to great success…


Still stuck?


TEDx, Oprah Magazine, and The Philip K. Dick Memorial Award have either awarded or featured contributors you’ll find inside Write Publish Profit 5.0 including:


  • David Farland, the late international NYT bestselling author and winner of the Whitney Award and Philip K. Dick Memorial Award with over 60 novels in print and former mentor to dozens of successful authors including Brandon Sanderson (Wheel of Time), and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight). 

  • Esther Jacobs, international TEDx speaker and author of more than 30 books. Her ‘Reverse Writing’ method, retreats, workshops, and coaching have helped thousands of aspiring authors to write and publish their books.


  • Derek Murphy, PhD Literature, NYT and USA bestselling author, book designer, and guerrilla marketing expert featured on CNN, Forbes, and WSJ whose clients have been featured in Oprah Magazine, and the NYT and USA Today bestseller lists. 


Discover 65+ premium writing, editing, and self-publishing resources worth over $8,900+ from well-known and admired authors, editors, coaches, and publishers ready to help you:


Write and launch your book to bestseller status on Amazon

Reach your ideal reader without breaking the bank using smart marketing tips, strategies, and tools…


Know how to successfully promote your books and revive your backlist


Everything you need is inside Write Publish Profit 5.0









Don’t forget: 


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See you inside 👋


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